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see what we have done so far! Araç İste (request a car) is an intranet mobile application that has developed by Bilgetech for the companies of Koc Holding.

Altur is a transportation company that provides urban travelling to Koc Zer. Koc Zer wanted to improve this vehicle demand process provided by the company.
Araç İste is implemented to address this need that allows employees to request an application through their mobile phones.
The application is going to be in service at any other Koc Holding’s companies soon. In planned for the following days, the application will be able to use by all other companies in Turkey.


Intranet mobile app for Koc Zer Araç İste
Koc Zer employees now easily set their local travel through “Araç İste” mobile application. “Araç İste” does not only make the users’ experience better but also balance the company’s transportation budget by the multi-passenger travel option.

Users set their travel date, time, determine their route and specify the number of other passengers who travel together. Then, they will be able to choose the vehicle based on these inputs. After the vehicle request is done, users able to track the vehicle instantly while it is getting closer to the user’s location. In the meantime, users have informed about vehicle's current location by push notification. Users are able to follow their route on the map while they’re traveling. They are also able to add a frequently visited places into their route plan and they can replicate their previous travelling routes from choosing a multi-day calendar. In order to increase the quality of services, mini-survey will be presented to the user.

featured-item-iconyour unique password; touch id
featured-item-iconinstant vehicle tracking
featured-item-iconuse wallet feature for your travel plan

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