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See what we have done so far!Bilgetech previously has worked with one of Çelebi Holding’s subsidiaries Little Caesar’s.

Besides that, we have developed a mobile app for Çelebi Aviation.
Çelebi Aviation is aware of the importance of communication within the company.
Therefore, they requested a solution to make communication easier and more smooth between the employees of Çelebi Aviation.


Technology with human touchÇelebi Aviation Mobile App
Çelebi Aviation employees are able to access instantly with each other through the mobile directory app.

In the app users has a right to authorize users based on their titles. Due to this structure, this app allows users to create their own directory.
The users are able to search other employees by entering their name and their title.

featured-item-iconMobile Directory for Çelebi Aviation employees
featured-item-iconWe work with Aviation Industry

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