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See what we have done so far!Today, we use more technology to find answer our questions. We also love sharing our experience with others. The trend has caused to high interest in social platforms.

One of the largest baby care brand in Turkey, Canbebe, noticed this trend and requested a mobile application from Bilgetech.
Baby caring and sharing experience are being a quite suitable topic to hit this trend. Canbebe and Bilgetech team have created ideas together and decided to develop a platform that allows mothers to share their experience with each other. Now, “Deneyimli Anneler(Experienced Moms)” is a successful mobile app that addresses unique platforms in its own special area.


Technology with human touchDeneyimli Anneler Mobile App
The app offers to mothers; reaching information about mother&baby health, tracking their baby’s height, weights and general growth, adding photos and sharing their experiences about baby growth.

Besides all these features, there are some fun games which mothers and their babies play together.
Mothers are also informed about Canbebe products, earn points by playing a game, uploading a photo, creating a topic in to discuss, and use these points to have a discount coupon for shopping Canbebe products.

featured-item-icon Mother&baby mobile app
featured-item-iconSocial platform for mothers.

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