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See what we have done so far!Besides of developing projects for local and global brands, Bilgetech also supports entrepreneurs and develops projects for them too.

The projects that we develop for entrepreneurs are end-to-end projects. Our team takes an important role at each step of these kinds of projects.
Our client came to us with an idea of having a mobile app about baby care. We have discussed with our clients together, analyzed their requirements and strategies.
We have previously experienced similar project development so it increased our speed and our sovereignty for this project.
It is my baby is a mother&babycare mobile application that serves at application stores with its stylish design and full up of content.


Technology with human touchIt's My Baby Mobile App
Users are able to login to the app either as a pregnant or mother. You can find out your pregnancy date by entering your last period date.

When users fill out this information, all contents such as articles and baby’s growing scale will come to based on their pregnancy month. There are four main categories such as; Today, mother, baby and Social.
In today module; mothers are able to see their pregnancy day and week. They can also reach related articles, monthly weight information, their inspection notes, shopping list and emergency phone number. Mother module includes; mother’s blog, weight scale, her belly photo and to do list. The users are able to read the articles, add their belly photos to measure their body changes and follow to do list.
Baby module is more about baby’s weekly growth, weekly photos, photo album and shopping list to baby’s necessities.
Social module is a main part of the app. Users are able to share experiences with each other. Users can search other users with their pregnancy week or users name.
They are able to type with each others through the forum module. They can create any topic to discuss or ask questions to get benefit from the experience of each other.
Today, "It is my baby" is serving successfully thousands of people.

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