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See what we have done so far!This is the another mobile application developed by Bilgetech team for entrepreneurs.
Jestini Yap was an end-to-end project that we have contributed at every stage of the project.

Bilgetech has used its experience that gained from previous projects in F&B industry for this project. Bilgetech marketing team also contributed this project to create of marketing strategies for promoting Jestini Yap to the public. We heartily can say that Jestini Yap is the successful example of an entrepreneurial idea that converted to the project. Today Jestini Yap only serves in restaurants and cafes. Its growth strategy is working with other service sectors.


Technology with human touchJestini Yap Mobile App
Users are able to view member places and their products through the app.

They can choose and add any desired products into the basket. After purchasing the products from a credit card, they can send it your Jest to the recipient.
In the next step, a recipient receives a text message which contains a QR code. When recipient shares this QR code with the store owner, can have a present (Jest) after the code is verified by the store owner through jest manager app.

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