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See what we have done so far!Little Caesar's has begun to use more technology in their management process due to rapid changes in technology.

We have developed a BI mobile app for Little Caesar’s after we developed web-based BI solution for them.Thanks to this app, Little Caesar’s managers are able to control their workflows from anywhere.
This mobile app has added speed to Little Caesar’s business management process and helps the managers in decision-making.


Technology with human touchLittle Caesar's Mobile App
Little Caesar’s BI mobile app is implemented with a mobile secure login so it serves only to the LC managers.

Managers are able to log in, by entering their username and password into the app.They are able to review sales analysis and make the necessary decision.They also can control the accuracy of the process with referring to the product`s report.
The managers can control the product inventories with analyzing inventory reports. Little Caesar’s managers are able to review their customer reports and improve relations with customers. The managers are able to view earning reports by entering any start and end date.

featured-item-iconInstant report viewing
featured-item-iconBusiness Intelligence app helps management

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