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See what we have done so far!We have worked with Ataşehir Municipality
again to enrich the services that they offer.

Our development team has developed a mobile app which has an entertaining and user- friendly design.
Peoples’ needs who live in Ataşehir area, have been specified thoroughly. After this specification, we put some fancy and useful features in the app.


Technology with human touchNew app for Ataşehir Municipality
Ataşehir Municipality mobile app
serves its users with many features.

Users are able to take photos about any issues that they have observed in Ataşehir area, send them through the application.
They are also able to track the resolutions for the issues they raised.
People in Atasehir can check their tax debt and pay it by credit card, reach the news, announcement and event details, send the Mayor a direct message.
This mobile app also includes some important telephone numbers of health units, event units, Ataşehir area public institutions. You can search closest sentry pharmacy through an application.

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featured-item-iconThe app offers useful features

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