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See what we have done so far!Our creative team has developed a mobile game for Starbucks who is the largest coffee brands in the world to promote its new products.

We created "Yazı Yudumla" mobile app by combining voice technology and vision of the brand.The app has been served at Apple Store about 3 weeks. It was welcomed immediately by iOS users. In 3 weeks, it was played by million times by users.


Technology with human touchYazı Yudumla!
The only thing needed for winning game is having a strong breath.

Choose your frappuccino, reverse your iPhone and sip the drink, which is displayed on the screen.
The drink will be decreased by every sip. Fastest player wins the game and receives an award from Starbucks.

featured-item-iconMobile game for Starbucks
featured-item-iconIt has been playedmillions of times by users
featured-item-iconThe game was based onvoice technology

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